So, this is me and probably there’s not much on this page that anyone really wants to know. You can read about what really matters to me on the  “What I Believe”, page otherwise, my average, boring life story is below.

In the beginning... I was born in 1962 and grew up in upstate New York and still live there.  I was raised in a Christian home where we went to church every Sunday. Through this I came to believe in the bible and came to understand that I was a sinner in danger of the penalty of Hell and in need of a savior. I accepted that Jesus Christ was the only one who could forgive my sin and save me from an eternity in Hell and so called on him to forgive me and to be my savior and Lord of my life.

Family I have a twin sister named Cat and an older brother named Tom. My sister and I were inseparable as kids and lived in a neighborhood full of boys. That meant we were fated to become “tomboys” and so we played football, baseball, cops and robbers, built tree forts  and rode off-road motorcycles. My feminine side probably got a bit stunted, but I am what I am. By the time I was thirteen or so, I became a bit pudgy and by the time I came out of high school I was fat. I joined a bodyBBA2 me securitybuilding gym when I was 19  and have remained a member and continued to train there ever since. Unfortunately, I ate too much most of the time and by my mid-twenties  I was about 55 pounds overweight. At the age of 25 I gave up eating anything with sugar in it and a year and three months later I was 55 pounds lighter. After I lost the weight I started eating sugary stuff again and haven’t had a problem with overeating since. That is wholly due to the fact that God changed me from loving food more than anything else to loving him more than anything else. Read more about that on the “What I Believe” page.

Middle Age This picture to the left is from 2008, when I was 46. I had the “security” vest on (which I made from cloth and foam), so I could play the part of a “Security Officer” for my church’s annual Vacation Bible School program. I am now 54 and look pretty much the same except that my arms are almost completely covered with tattoos. I have been married for 31 years and have a 28 year old daughter.  I got married and moved from my childhood home to where I live now, about 25 miles away, but still see my mom at the house I grew up in and also meet my sister there every weekend to hang out. We used to play a lot of video games every Saturday and Sunday, mainly the kill each other Call of Duty war games and also Need for Speed car racing, but now my sister and I build 1/35 and 1/24 scale models of military vehicles and cars.

Fast Cars and Cool Motorcycles
  I love ‘em! While my car isn’t fast, it is  cool. It is a white 2009 Honda Civic coupe named Sniper with a manual 5 speed and a killer sound system. I added a rear deck wing, rear window spoiler, custom front bumper, grille, headlights and taillights. The interior is customized with carbon fiber accents, leather wrapped steering wheel and Momo shift knob. I also added Konig “Unknown” rims, low profile tires, a lowering kit and a hefty anti-sway bar so it handles like a slot car. My motorcycle is equally cool and is a flat black 2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron. It is also customized and named “Iron Jack”.

Born to be an Artist I never went to college or art school, so I am self taught and have no doubt that I was born to be an artist. I started drawing about as soon as I could hold a crayon and haven’t stopped since. I progressed to pencil drawing and filled most of my middle and high school folders with doodles and drawings. I loved drawing horses and did many drawings of them, but as I graduated high school, I became interested in bodybuilding and bought all the magazines. I was  amazed and inspired by the physiques I saw and the way they used lighting in the photos to highlight the musculature made me want to recreate that in pencil drawings.  That is pretty much all I have done since and by copying so many photos of bodybuilders, it has given me the experience and ability to be more creative with my drawings and use the bodybuilders physique as the base for the drawings that I am currently doing

Drawing the Bible My desire to visually portray the principals of the bible is a combination of the fact that I am an artist and a born again Christian. I want the world to see and know the glory of God and to understand that God created mankind to worship him by living according to biblical truth. My drawings illustrate that truth and are a visual reminder which inspires us to keep on living according to God’s Word. I use the bodybuilder physique in my illustrations of the bible as a representation of spiritual, emotional and mental strength. plus, they look like superheroes, which is cool,  I have many tattoos, as one of the photos shows, and these are also visual reminders that motivate me to remain faithful to live out God’s truth.

Author and Musician My artistic/creative bent also finds some room for expression in writing and music. Since I don’t have any real talent for music, I have to work hard at it. Thankfully I can sing, but being able to play guitar competently and sing at the same time is a current struggle, but one that I am happily progressing in. Recently I started to learn to play piano, but thankfully that is going well. I am also writing a novel, which I could spend pages and pages excitedly telling you about, but suffice it to say that I believe it is going to be a best seller. You’ll know it when you see it!

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